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What does the name mean? How do you pronounce it? You would be surprised, or not, at how often we are asked the above questions. Now you know the correct pronunciation of the name, read on to find out why we picked it.

who we are

The Helvetii, also called the Helvetians, was a Celtic tribe that dominated most of the Swiss Plateau around the 1st century BC, the time of Julius Caesar.

In our own way, we have recreated the HELVETII Tribe. But do not fear, we are not storming around the mountains and raiding local villages, so if that is the sort of thing you are looking for then you are in the wrong place, and century…

The aim of dominating the mountains, however, remains the same.  We want to create a tribe for everyone who shares our passion for action-packed sports, but also the environment we all love and have the privilege of calling our playground, or office if you really are a lucky one!

Whether you are chilling in the snow park, strolling through the village or hitting up the après at a time you know is probably too early, but you go anyway because you’re on holiday! Our aim is to make HELVETII your first choice when you next think about upgrading your wardrobe.



It has come a time that everyone should now be mucking in and doing their part to preserve the environment we love. Personally, we cannot imagine a future without the sports that consume our daily lives and pray every day that we have many, many more years of shredding to come.

Adapting new ways of working to lessen our footprint on the planet is at the forefront of our mind. So far, we have implemented numerous ways to maximise sustainability, one being that all our packaging is 100% recyclable. So, make sure you check out our shop and become a part of our ever-going tribe!

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Beanie is great and was here in no time 🙂


Great fit, warm and stylish


Loved the beanie hats – great quality! I cannot wait for the hoodies to arrive!!!



A theme with an attitude that reflects contemporary fashion sensibilities. This is Haaken