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Action Sports on your Health and Well-being

We all know that to be physically fit and healthy, exercise is key. But do you also know that exercise can massively improve your mental and social health and well-being? Of course you did, silly question. 

If you have found this blog, you will already be aware that the tribe evolves around action sports. Our aim is to promote the benefits of taking up a new sport and maybe one day you can come and shred with us on the slopes, perhaps a naughty beer or two after…

Here are a few ways of how taking up an action sport can help you change your life for the better!


You may think that going for a walk twice a week is good for your body (which it is!), but is it enough? Probably not. If you really want to up your fitness levels you should aim for more than 30 minutes of “moderate intensity activity” 5 days a week.

We appreciate that the gym may not be for you or you are perhaps lacking that “get up and go”, but don’t worry, you are in the same boat as many and a lot of the time it is because they find the activities boring.

So, why not pick up a new sport, possibly an action sport? Not only will you be getting in your exercise, you will also look forward to doing it.

Win win ey!


Did you know that when you exercise you release hormones called endorphins? In turn these endorphins make us happier, calmer and more relaxed. They can play a huge part in relieving stress, anxiety, depression and even anger.

If you take up a new sport, you can also set yourself goals and have something to work towards. This will keep your mind on other things and let us tell you, the buzz when you learn a new skill that you have worked tirelessly for is immense!!


If you are dreaming about shredding of course you are going to sleep better, oh and the exercise will also help!

A better night’s sleep is also brilliant for you both physically and mentally. Be gone with the grumpy mornings!


Have you ever heard of the saying, “a bunnyhop a day keeps the doctors away”? (We definitely did not just make that up.)

It is true, however, that too much sitting or other sedentary activities can really increase your chances of bad health and the amount of time you find yourself sitting in the reception of your doctor’s. So why not make a change? 

Pump up the tyres on your mountain bike, practice a few bunnyhops around your estate and then take your new skill up the hill – there is no better time to start than now.


The perks of taking up an action-sport is that you will have a reason to visit new places that you may not have thought about going to before. Shredding the endless slopes in Val D’Isere and Tignes? Skating through Barcelona City? Surfing the waves in Sagres?

We’ve already given you 4 new places to visit and there are sooo many more!

Not only will you be getting in your exercise and mastering your new sport, but you will also be escaping reality for a short while and living a new way of life. The best thing is, you don’t have to make drastic life changes to see the benefits of taking up a new action sport. 

We know that not everyone is a millionaire and has the freedom of doing what they want everyday – perhaps one day though – BUT, why not take a look at what sports your local leisure centre has on offer, head down to your nearest ski slope (dry slopes are not as horrible as they look, we promise), buy a skateboard, head to the beach if you’re lucky enough to live near one – there are plenty of ways you can take up a new sport and guess what, you don’t have to stick with one, why not try them all?


Times are especially tough at the moment due to Covid-19 and mental health is on the rise. 

One main reason for this? People having too much time on their hands. This may sound daft but being stuck inside your house all day and having limited stuff to do means that you are likely to be spending a lot more time in your own head. Unfortunately, this can lead to many problems including stress, anxiety and depression.

If you, or someone you know, is feeling this way, please keep checking in on them. We would also suggest, as mentioned above, trying a new sport to keep yourself busy. This will give you something to work towards and a sense of achievement as you increase your ability.

Go and spend more time outdoors, try something new and bask in what life has to offer – we promise you will not regret it!

If you have any questions you wish to ask us or have been eyeing up our next event, then drop us a line – info@helvetiiclothing.com 

As always, ski ya later!

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